News July 2019: Judge denies motion to dismiss CAARE's suit

Last week, a New York judge determined that CAARE’s lawsuit against the State University of NY College of Optometry (SUNY) can move forward by denying SUNY's motion to dismiss the case.

SUNY had tried to dispel our suit by asserting frivolous claims that had no foundation in fact or in the law. Their real goal was to block CAARE from obtaining the full details about terribly invasive and injurious experiments on cats that expose their brains, confine them in devices and put them through lengthy vision testing trials.

Last week’s ruling was only a partial victory. We still must present and win on the merits of the case before we can receive the records we’re seeking. But it’s an important step forward.

Clearly, SUNY is stonewalling our ability to learn more. But that hasn’t stopped CAARE from moving ahead to end these terrible experiments. We’ve taken this issue to Congress to let them know that SUNY is attempting to shirk its public disclosure obligation. More than 215,000 people have signed our petition to Congress, and CAARE is following-up with members of Congress to keep SUNY from evading the law.

Please sign and share our petition if you haven’t done so already. We are committed to fight this battle and win, and I know you are too.

For the animals,

Barbara Stagno
President, CAARE 



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Tell NIH: End cruel prion
brain infection experiments


The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has been funding harsh and painful experiments, infecting the brains of monkeys and mice with contaminated tissue in order to study Chronic Wasting Disease. Monkeys taken from the wild and kept isolated in barren wire cages for years are infected with CWD-causing prions through holes drilled into their brains, or force-fed contaminated tissue.  These gruesome experiments, also performed on mice, have not resulted in any conclusive information about CWD in over a decade.

Ask the NIH to replace these gruesome experiments with superior, advanced 3D organoids.


Petition to Congress: Exercise oversight
of cat brain experiments at SUNY


The State University of NY College of Optometry (SUNY) has been conducting grotesque experiments on kittens and cats - essentially dissecting them while they are still alive.  Yet SUNY has refused to disclose information about these taxpayer funded experiments that they are obligated to provide under Freedom of Information Law.  These heinous experiments have gone on for 36 years and have not resulted in a single treatment. Please sign CAARE’s petition asking Congress to provide necessary oversight and reveal the truth about what SUNY is doing to cats. 


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