Digital Portraits


Beautiful Pet Portraits are our gift to you for donations of $50 or more

CAARE has teamed up with British artist Natasha Sainsbury to offer beautiful digital pet portraits by request for a minimum donation of $50 or more.

These high-fidelity portraits are created directly from your digital [electronically-submitted] photo of your animal companion.

Whether it’s a furry or feathered friend currently in your life, or a little angel you’d like to remember, a digital portrait uses your photos to create a memory that you can treasure forever.

Your donation goes directly to CAARE to help fund our crucial work to promote a world where animals are no longer used in painful and cruel experiments.


For your donation of $50 or more:

You will receive a digital portrait of an animal of your choice who has made an impact on your life. [Note: the wording “CAARE logo and Pet Portraits” are online only. They will not appear on your version.] 


  • All portraits will be a minimum resolution of 300dpi, and are PNG files, so you can use your portrait to take advantage of the many printing companies that make custom enlarged photo prints, keychains, mugs, tee shirts and more


  • Donations are made directly to CAARE. To request a portrait simply fill in the form at the bottom of this page. We will contact you if there are any questions or further instructions are needed.


  • How long will it take?

The time each portrait takes can vary, but the estimate (depending on portraits already in progress) is 7 to 10 days. If we receive a large number of requests at one time, we will inform you about additional wait times.

  • How do I receive my portrait?

When ready, a link to the full resolution version of your portrait will be e-mailed to you, where you’ll be able to share and download the image. The files are quite large and hosting them online avoids taking up the data limit some e-mail providers set. By request, we can also email you the PNG file directly.


  • Do you print portraits? / Can I print the portraits?

CAARE is not able to print the images and mail them. As a small non-profit, it’s vital for us to keep costs down. However, you can absolutely print them yourself by submitting the file to any quality printshop, including online.



  • Is there a deadline for claiming one of these portraits?

We anticipate that this project will be ongoing. Please submit your digital photo within 14 days of making your donation and be sure to fill in the form at the same time.


How to get the best likeness of your pet.

The quality of photographs you submit will greatly affect the final portrait. Where possible, please send a clear, full-size, uncropped image, which has been uploaded, or scanned directly. Close-up head shots are best. Blurry images, and photos of photographs are problematic, but if all you have of a past pet is a less-than-ideal image, let us know and we’ll see whether we can still work with it.


A digital portrait is your chance to preserve a beautiful image of a beloved friend.

As lovers of many furry and feathered family members ourselves, we understand how much our animal companions mean to us, both while they’re here, and long after they’ve passed on.

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