Statement of Non-violence

CAARE believes in using only peaceful means to promote our goals. We seek dialogue with those who disagree with us by maintaining a spirit of openness, education and honest discourse. Hostility, personal attacks and threats are fundamentally wrong, divert attention away from the real issue,and impede progress on all sides.

The use of live, sentient animals in invasive scientific research evokes strong emotions. We understand that some people are moved to speak out in harsh terms. However, violence – exemplified by harassment, threats and hateful language -- serves no one in the quest for meaningful dialogue.

CAARE opposes physical assaults, verbal harassment or malicious sabotage of any sort. We reject and denounce all forms of violence and call upon our members and supporters to do the same. Anyone engaging in these behaviors in support of our campaigns does so without the encouragement or approval of CAARE.

We believe that our message of peace and compassion for humanity and animals is hampered by violence and destruction, and that our methods must be consistent with our goals.