Congress needs to hear from you!

Currently, government funding and incentives for research go towards cruel animal experiments. The Humane Research and Testing Act (HRTA) was established to change that and redirect government to fund modern, human-relevant methods that offer real results without harming innocent animals.


CAARE has been working hard to promote the bill but lawmakers need to hear your voice directly. That’s why we’re asking everyone to call their Congressional representatives this week to give a huge push for the bill. When you take the extra step of calling your representative in Congress, you demonstrate that this issue is truly important to you.

The Humane Research and Testing Act is ground-breaking bill developed by CAARE that will facilitate a shift toward superior, animal-free research by creating a center under NIH to fund and promote research without animals. It also enhances transparency by requiring NIH to disclose numbers of all animals used, including those species like mice and rats, who are currently uncounted.

We have a pre-written script you can use to call your representative and show that you fully support legislation that will move us towards ending cruel animal research.

Reach your representative by calling the Capitol switchboard at (202) 224-3121 and the operator will connect you.

Once you’re connected with your representative’s office, give your name and zip code to be sure your call gets properly recorded as a call from a constituent.

You can use this script or choose your own words. The most important thing is to make the call!

I’m calling to ask my representative to co-sponsor HR 1744, the Humane Research & Testing Act, to provide funding for research without animals. The bill will create a separate center under NIH to fund and train scientists to use new methods that don’t involve harming animals. It will also increase transparency for animal research by requiring NIH to disclose the total numbers of animals used annually.

The Humane Research and Testing Act is a truly powerful bill that has immense potential to tackle the problem of millions of animals used in wasteful and repetitive research, but we must work to see it pass.


Please make your call this week to help us move the bill forward!

P.S. – Don’t forget to sign our petition which goes directly to your representative in Congress and help us reach our goal of 150,000 signatures to lend strong support for the HRTA.

Citizens for Alternatives to Animal Research (CAARE), is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, established to highlight and promote research without animals.


Please donate to support CAARE’s mission to reduce animal suffering by disseminating information about the power and progress of research without animals. 

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