The House must vote on the FDA Modernization Act

In an amazing achievement last month, the U.S. Senate unanimously passed the FDA Modernization Act 2.0 (S.5002) to end the FDA’s mandate for animal testing of all new drugs.

Now we must work to get this landmark bill to the House floor for a vote before the end of the year. The bill previously passed in the House (H.R. 2565) but must be voted on again in the House to reconcile it with the bill passed by the Senate.


Passing the FDA Modernization Act will usher in a new era of drug development that can evolve away from poisoning animals with toxic doses of drugs in a failed attempt to model drug metabolism in human patients.

Please contact your representative today to cosponsor H.R. 2565 and urge all House leaders to bring the FDA Modernization Act 2.0 (S.5002) to the House floor as soon as possible. 

The importance of this historic bill cannot be overstated and is echoed in the excitement from the biotech industry and health care advocates.

Dr. Isaac Bentwich, CEO of Quris, which integrates organ chip technology with artificial intelligence, described the Senate passage of the bill as “a historic watershed event for the industry.”


Says Dr. Bentwich: “Removing the reliance on antiquated and inaccurate animal testing models in drug development is not only a win for animals, it is a win for entire industry and will ensure improved drug safety, better patient outcomes and more efficient drug innovation … Spurred by new regulations like the FDA Modernization Act, drug developers will likely race to embrace breakthrough innovations.”

Pause a moment to consider this amazing statement: Drug developers will likely race to embrace new innovations. This means scientists, pharmaceutical companies and the entire drug research industry will begin to end the centuries long practice of tormenting animals to test drugs while employing new humane technologies to deliver safer drugs to patients faster than ever.


Another biotech company, CN BIO, called the FDA Modernization Act, “a giant step towards a world without animal testing”.

And an editorial published in The Wall Street Journal by the program manager of the Open Health Project at George Mason University wrote, “If the law changes, pharmaceutical companies could rely on more-accurate tests before beginning human trials, allowing safer and more effective drugs to advance toward commercialization.”

This is our moment: The FDA Modernization Act must pass! The stakes are too high and the potential to spare millions of animals from extreme suffering must not slip through our fingers. We’re nearly there, but we’re not at the finish line yet.

Please contact your representative in the House to support the bill and bring the FDA Modernization Act to the floor for a vote. We must act urgently to see this law enacted.


Thank you for taking action to spare animals from suffering in cruel drug tests.

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