Save 1000 monkeys from a terrible fate

The fate of approximately 1,000 long-tailed macaque monkeys hangs in the balance and we urgently need your voice to help save them.

These monkeys were originally snatched from their peaceful lives in the forests of Cambodia by wildlife smugglers who sold them to Charles Rivers Laboratories in the U.S.


But due to recent crackdowns on illegal smuggling of endangered macaques, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, along with the U.S. Department of Justice, have ordered that Charles River cannot keep these illegally obtained monkeys.

Instead, Charles River has been ordered to transfer them to Dulles International Airport for transporting them back to Cambodia. There they will be returned to the brutal smuggling pipeline for the experimentation industry.

Your help is needed to stop this travesty and instead send these poor monkeys to an appropriate sanctuary.


Thanks to the intervention of PETA, the transfer of the monkeys has been stalled and Born Free USA has stepped up to offer these monkeys lifetime refuge at their accredited sanctuary in Texas.


Fish and Wildlife Services needs to hear from a concerned and outraged public to encourage them to do the right thing by releasing the monkeys to a sanctuary. These monkeys have already endured being kidnapped from their natural homes and trucked thousands of miles in crates from Cambodia to the U.S. To return them again to Cambodia, where they likely await further suffering, is unconscionable and must not be allowed to happen.

Please send your letter today to the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service to allow the immediate release of these macaques to a sanctuary, and to investigate and if applicable revoke Charles River Laboratories’ license for trafficking in wildlife smuggling.


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